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We are a part of Global Business Services. We strive to provide you:

  • Best place to OEM/ODM platform based Sourcing.
  • Qualified, Verified & Trusted Suppliers.
  • Direct Manufacturers.
  • Continuous Validation and Audit with Manufacturers.
  • Connecting Buyers with Suppliers in very short time.
  • Provide best cost Suppliers and Manufacturers.

We aim to Procurement Without Borders!


We are Different!

  • We provide Suppliers and Manufacturers from best cost manufacturing bases.
  • We handpick legit Suppliers through our vast experience in World markets and China.
  • We assure quality services 24/7 365 days a year.


We Provide!

If you are a Buyer, we provide you:

  • Legit and hand-picked suppliers.
  • Full satisfaction with quality of products and services of the Supplier Company.
  • Free RFQs! Post your RFQ today.
  • Fast turn-around time.

If you are a Supplier, we provide you:

  • 24 x 7 global market for your products.
  • 24 x 7 global business inquiries.
  • Direct Access to right Buyers worldwide through multiple channels.

GlobalFactory365-Verified Suppliers

Verified Suppliers

Global factory 365-Quick RFQs

Quick RFQs

Global Factory 365- Global Supplier Database

Global Supplier Database

Global Factory 365- Easy Sourcing

Easy Sourcing

GlobalFactory365-24x7 Response

24 x 7 Response


Win-Win Solutions is developed keeping in mind the specific B2B requirements in the business space, where it connects Buyers with suppliers and we would like to say qualified, verified and trusted suppliers and aim to procurement without borders. This B2B portal helps the suppliers to get connected to buyers in very short time and ultimately results in business, thus avoiding large expenses incurred in trade promotions and exhibitions and saving time, as it says you get everything with click of mouse. The company through its vast experience in world markets and specially China as supplier/manufacturer hub has handpicked suppliers and know the needs of a buyer. One can find sellers from APAC region in the category of Solar Panels, Solar Cells, Solar Wafers, Backsheet, EVA, Tempered Glass, Solar Mounting Systems, Solar Tracking Systems, and many more.


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